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Upload and Die? Existential unease with breaks in conscious

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Geregistreerd op: 12 Jul 2018
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BerichtGeplaatst: Do Jul 12, 2018 3:37 pm    Onderwerp: Upload and Die? Existential unease with breaks in conscious Reageren met citaat


The scenario: We have the technical capability to make a perfect copy of your brain/consciousness and can then save this on disk or download it into another "empty" body, thus ensuring some form of immortality. "A person walks into a clinic. They are scanned. The information is stored on disk. The original body is discarded. The information is downloaded into a clone body. A person walks out of the clinic."As an atheist I don't feel I believe in a Soul, but I feel uneasy about the discontinuity in consciousness. I would agree that the new person will feel completely normal, and that their family will also say the person is exactly the same. However, I see that inert transitional period on disk as an infinite void and as such the original consciousness died (or at the very least ceased "to be..."). Meanwhile the new consciousness wakes up on the other side with the feeling of full continuity and believes them self immortal.I'm interested to see how people here see the argument, your own thoughts and if you've found useful material on the topic. Is the person truly immortal? Did they die in the process of making an exact copy? Does it matter in the end when the new person feels no different from the old? Re-voting allowed.

Please help.

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